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International Conference "The future of Europe" 2016

Archiwum konferencji

International Conference "The future of Europe" 2016

12.10.2016  The Future of Europe

University of International Sciences in Rome, Italy (UNINT) together with Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów, Poland (WSGE) organized the international conference on “The Future of Europe” on 12th October 2016 in Rome on the premises of UNINT.

Aim of the conference:

After 60 years since the Second World War, Europe faces again the dilemma of building a common home or return to national states and the possible threat of dismantling the European order. At that time, three new generations of Europeans deprived of memory the horrors of war were born. From this perspective, it is worth to take under consideration the future of the European Union and the whole Europe. It is necessary to re-define what Europe is.

The aim of the conference was to answer some of the questions. How far do its political and economic interests reach? Who should decide on the future of Europe? What are the roots of the European culture? This last question is essentially important from the perspective of the influx into Europe a large number of refugees from countries of different cultures. This raises the fear of strangers and poses new challenges for the entire political class.


The interdisciplinary character of the conference enabled to gather scientists and experts in different fields such as: lawyers, economists, sociologists, security experts and others to share knowledge and experience.

The conference covered 4 topics: Italian and Polish historical relationships in a European perspective,  The social challenges  of Europe, The economic challenges  of Europe, The political challenges of Europe.

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