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East-Central Europe and Asia - challenges of the XXI-st century 2012

Archiwum konferencji

East-Central Europe and Asia - challenges of the XXI-st century 2012

East-Central Europe and Asia - challenges of the XXI-st century


Tytuł konferencji: East-Central Europe and Asia - challenges of the XXI-st century


Konferencja z dnia: 18-19 czerwca 2012 


Miejsce:  Wyższa Szkoła Gospodarki Euroregionalnej im. Alcide De Gasperi w Józefowie


Komitet naukowy:

  • prof. dr hab. Bronisław Sitek, Representative of the Rector of Scientific Affairs at Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów
  • prof. Witold Pokruszyński, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at University of Euroregional Economy
  • dr Krzysztof Dziurzyński, Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy at University of Euroregional Economy
  • prof. PhD. Rudolf Horváth, University of Prešov
  • doc. Ing. Jana Burgerová, University of Prešov
  • prof. PhD. Milan Portik, University of Prešov
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Huseyin Emiroglu, Kirikkale University
  • Prof. Dr. Erol Kurubas, Kirikkale University 
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haluk Ozdemir, Kirikkale University



1) Social and political issues, human rights

We can observe that people’s way of thinking is becoming largely unified. Internet, television, radio broadcasting and other sources of information, widely spread the knowledge on the highest life standards, possibilities for individuals to participate in social and political life, but above all, it enabled people to think about the protection of basic human rights, such as: right to live, personal freedom as well as freedom of thought and beliefs. International conference is a splendid opportunity to exchange opinions and information between the representatives of various cultures. It is also a chance to work on new standards in the area of minimal standards of social and political life, as well as human rights protection, that are possible to accept on an intercultural level.

2) Law and economy 

Globalization forces the legal regulations worldwide to unify and become compatible with each other. This process is a direct consequence of the atrophy of political and economical borders. However, it is economy that is a cornerstone of the global reality. Nowadays, we can observe three main centers of the world economical order: USA, European Union and China together with India. Within those centers we can observe a procedure of unifying legal procedures. The seminar will be an opportunity to exchange information and experiences of legal and economical development among those three main centers.

3) Security (IT/cyber-security, public & environmental security, antiterrorism, migration issues): 

Virtual reality has become a vital element of contemporary world. It has also become crucial for the economic development. This new reality is developing rapidly and remains largely undiscovered, therefore it requires further scientific research and, above all, it requires information exchange between various countries and a constructive discussion on the following issues: IT security, legal security, protection of natural and human environment, migration flow of people and international terrorism.

4) Power engineering and renewable sources of energy 

The main economical issue of the nearest future are sources of energy. Traditional sources of energy will soon be exhausted. This forces states across the world to implement power-saving procedures and search for new sources of energy, especially the renewable ones. It is necessary to launch a discussion on creating the policy that will be support energy saving and using the renewables. The thing to be taken into consideration is also indirect cost of replacing the old sources of energy with the renewable energy.


Patronat honorowy:

  • Roman Trzaskalik - Science and Technology Park Euro-Centrum Ltd., CEO 
  • Mirosław Bobrzyński - Euro-Centrum JSC,  CEO
  • płk SG Andrzej Rytwiński - Commandant of  Border Guard Training Centre in Kętrzyn
  • insp.  dr hab. Arkadiusz Letkiewicz - Deputy of General Commandant of Polish Police Headquarters
  • Ali Lakizadeh - Ambasador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Warsaw


Partnerzy konferencji:

- The College of Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic ( www.vskv.cz )

- University of Szeged, Hungary ( www.u-szeged.hu ) 

- Paneuropean University, Slovakia ( www.paneurouni.com )

- Border Guard Training Centre in Kętrzyn ( www.cs.strazgraniczna.pl )

- Commandant-Rector of Police Academy in Szczytno Mr. Piotr Bogdalski insp. dr ( www.wspol.eu )

- Euro-Centrum Group Science and Technology Park 

- Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Warsaw (www.iranemb.warsaw.pl)

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